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Scratch made, in house, fresh ingredients purchased locally as much as possible

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    • Meals To Go

      Cabbage Rolls, tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, corn $12
      Salisbury Steak, onion & mushroom gravy, corn, mashed potatoes $14
      Chicken Parmesan Fettuccine, house made tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese $14
      Veal Parmesan Fettuccine, house made tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese $14
      Lasagna, corn, garlic cheese bread $14
      Roast Beef Dinner, mashed potatoes, real gravy, corn $14
      Roast Turkey Dinner, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, corn, cranberry sauce, $14
      Butter Chicken, on rice, naan bread $14
      Spaghetti and Parmesan Meatballs, tomato sauce, garlic cheese bread $14

    • Holiday Specials

    • Holiday Specials

      TURKEY DINNER; carved roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, salad, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie Each $19.99
      10+ meals-Each $17.99
      ROAST HAM; carved ham (bone in), scalloped, grilled vegetables, apple chutney, salad, pumpkin pie Each $19.99
      10+ meals-Each $17.99
      ROAST BEEF DINNER; carved roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, grilled vegetables, salad, pumpkin pie Each $19.99
      10+ meals-Each $17.99
      UKRAINIAN DINNER; Cabbage Rolls, Perogies with cream sauce, Ukrainian sausage, corn, pumpkin pie Each $19.99
      10+ meals-Each $17.99
      Add another meat for $6
      Add another salad for $4
      All orders over 4 meals can be sent bulk family pack or individually packaged

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Riverside Catering should be your number one choice for wedding catering in Medicine Hat.   One just needs to browse your menu options to find this out.  In doing so you will see that we have many options to help give you the perfect wedding.  Whether you are getting married in the morning, afternoon, or evening, we have an option to suit you.  We also offer lighter options for your wedding catering, as well as trays of food and even deserts. 

But we don’t just offer wedding catering.  We can cater any even in Medicine hat.  Are you having a party or large get together and need food catering in Medicine Hat?  Riverside Catering can help with those events as well.   For example, if you require corporate catering for an event in the morning, we can provide you with various breakfast options.  From cookies, to muffins to Cinnamon rolls to fruit trays.  We also provide a full breakfast buffet including bacon or sausage, eggs, breakfast potatoes and more.  Our lunch options include an assortment of sandwiches, fruit trays and even soups and salads.

Our dinner options can include entrées such as roast beef or turkey, salmon, chicken or pork, along with vegetables, rice, or potatoes along with an assortment of salads.  Throw in some appetizers and desert and you will have a fully catered event anywhere in Medicine Hat.

Feel free to browse our menu options and when you are ready contact us or book your event catering directly.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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