Welcome to Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern

When we started renovations here at the Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern we knew we were going out on a limb. There was no shortage of people who told us it just wouldn’t work, or that Ram’s dream of a beautiful restaurant in the old Picture Butte Hotel was a bit ‘pie in the sky.’ But we believe the people of Southern Alberta deserve a great restaurant, and that the farmers and ranchers of the area deserve to be featured locally, and so we’ll continue pursuing this dream as long as we can.

The good news is you don’t have to go out on a limb with us to enjoy great food – you just have to hit the road (unless you live in Picture Butte, in which case come on over, neighbour!). So, to completely sell you on a scenic road trip, we’ll tell you why the Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern is worth the drive.

A team with big dreams

The Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern is owned by Ram & Olga Khanal, two restaurateurs who believe in Southern Alberta and in the culture here. The Khanal’s are world citizens, from Nepal and the Ukraine respectively, who met while working on a cruise ship. After years of working in the restaurant business while sailing the seven seas, the couple decided to settle in Southern Alberta and ply their trade and here. Together, they’re infusing their continent-spanning experience into each meal and bringing new life to the restaurant scene in both Lethbridge and Picture Butte.

A Canadian cuisine open to all

Canada has never been a singular nation, defined by one type of person, or one type of cuisine, and neither is Southern Alberta. To celebrate the breadth and depth of ‘Canadian Cuisine,’ Picture Butte Hotel is focused on pairing global recipes with local ingredients. From the authentic Mexican food that makes the Mexican workers in the area feel at home, to the Indian and Nepalese fare of Ram’s youth, and of course, the juicy meat and fresh potatoes of the local, hardworking farmers. The Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern is creating a Canadian Cuisine as vast and varied as the country itself!

Picturesque Butte

Picture Butte has so much more than just one great restaurant. From our lovely golf course to the beautiful scenery, Picture Butte is worth the trip – especially to enjoy a nice drive. Join the motorcyclists and drivers who love to hit the road just to enjoy the prairies in their full, summer bloom, or throw off those shackles of winter doldrums and make a break for somewhere new. Whatever the season, we’ll be here waiting for you with a cold brew, and a hot meal.

Adventure with dinner, anyone?

Whether you’re coming from Lethbridge or Iron Springs, the Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern offers a great dining experience, without the busy-ness and parking headaches that come with bigger city centres.

Come, enjoy the small-town atmosphere, with delicious, unpretentious food at Picture Butte Hotel. All it takes is a sense of adventure, and the energy to step out the door and into our golden backyard prairies.

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